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The omnium is made up of 4 events and is contested over 1 day. The 4 events that make up the Omnium are:
Scratch Race, 10 kilometres for Men and 7.5 kilometres for Women is a classic first across the line, mass start event; Tempo Race, 10 kilometres for Men and 7.5 kilometres for Women in which the after the first 5 laps, 1 point is given to the first rider crossing the line on each lap. Besides, riders can also earn 20 points by lapping the field. The winner is the rider with the most points.
The Elimination Race, in which the last rider crossing the finish line with the back of the wheel is eliminated every 2 laps. The rider must leave the track and the ranking is constituted in the inverse order until the final sprint to declare the winner.

A Points Race, 25 kilometres for Men and 20 kilometres for Women. The final standings are established by adding up the finishing places in each of the first three events and converting them using a ‘points scale’ into points. Going into the final event, the points race, each point won during this event is then added to the previous total of points. The rider with the most points at the end of the points race is the winner.

World Champion 2019: Stewart Campbell (New Zealand)
World Champions 2019: Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)