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Points Race

The Points race is a mass start race over a long distance. It is an endurance race but tactics are crucial to the riders’ success. Men race over a distance of 40 kilometres. Women race over 25 kilometres. A sprint is held every 10 laps which is signalled by a bell. Points are awarded for each sprint:
1st place – 5pts

2nd place – 3pts
3rd place – 2pts
4th place – 1pt
Points awarded in the last sprint after the full distance will be doubled.
In addition to the sprints, riders can earn 20 points for lapping the field and joining the back of the main bunch of riders.

The leading rider is indicated by the Starter who stands on the start line and points to the leading rider as he or she passes.
The winner is the rider with the most points at the end of the race.

World Champion 2019: Jan Willem van Schip (Netherlands)
World Champion 2019: Alexandra Manly (Australia)